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The following government documents have been provided by the National Archives, Washington, DC.

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Letter to Representative Morris K. Udall from Department of Interior, Supplementing the Department's Previous Report on H.R. 7919 as well as the Department's Previously Submitted Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute (09/10/1980)
Supplement to Department of Interior report made on 8/25/1980, which included an Amendment to H.R. 7919 in the Nature of a Substitute. This letter suggests adding that the Maine Implementing Act (MIA) is confirmed ". . . to the extent that it is not…

Briefing Memo to the members of the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs from Peter Taylor (Special Counsel) and Timothy Woodcock (Minority Counsel) regarding the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Bill, S. 2829 (selected pages) (09/15/1980)
The pages included here contain some of the history behind Bill S. 2829, as well as information regarding the purpose and meaning of various sections of the bill, including sections 4 and 6 (what ultimately became 25 U.S.C. 1723 and 1725).
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