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Documents from the National Congress of American Indians Records have been provided by t by the National Museum of the American Indian Archive Center. Additional information about the collection can be accessed on their web page.

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Proposed Changes to Maine Indian Claims Settlement Bill S. 2829 from the Departments of the Interior and of Justice (07/10/1980)
Among the proposed changes are changes to Sections 4 and 6(g) (which correspond to what we now know as 25 U.S.C. 1723 and 1725(h). There is an attempt made here to list specifically which federal laws would not apply to the Tribes under 25 U.S.C.…

Memo from Bob Lipschutz (White House Counsel) to Leo Krulitz (Solicitor), Providing an update on the status of the Maine Indian Claim Settlement Negotiations (07/11/1979)
This letter refers to a meeting attended by Secretary Andrus, Donald Perkins, and "representatives of the Maine Indians" the week before 07/11/1979. Department of Interior has received drafting service request for legislation to implement the…

Letter to Maine Attorney General Richard Cohen from Tribal Negotiation Committee Regarding Settlement Terms (09/07/1979)
Letter describes settlement terms that the Tribes are willing to agree to after recent meetings between the State and the attorneys for the Tribes and the large landholders. Signed by Gov. Harold Lewey, Gov. M. P. (?), Timothy Love, Lt. Gov. Carl…

Memo to Eliot Cutler (White House, OMB), Douglas Huron (Associate Counsel to the President), Edwin Kneedler (Department of Justice) and Tim Vollmann (Department of Interior) from Kay Oberly (Department of Justice, Land and Natural Resources Division), with draft of Maine Indian Claims Settlement legislation attached (07/18/1978)
Sections 4 and 7 of this draft deal with Extinguishment of Claims (what is now found in 25 U.S.C. 1723). What we know today as 25 U.S.C. 1725 (Application of State Law) is not yet included. The provision in the 07/07/1977 draft that affirms that…
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